Ronak Nathani

Ronak Nathani

Site Reliability Engineer


About Me

Hi there, I’m Ronak. Welcome to my site!

I currently work as a Site Reliability Engineer on compute infrastructure ( home grown and open source orchestration systems) at LinkedIn. During my time there, I have been working on

  • Managing kubernetes clusters
  • OS upgrades for LinkedIn’s compute fleet
  • Developing and managing LinkedIn’s private cloud

Prior to LinkedIn, I worked at Insight Data on the Data Engineering Fellows Program. At Insight, I worked on

  • Setting up an internal data platform
  • Developed internal tools and set up a CI pipeline
  • Co-led the Data Engineering Fellows Program

I love spending the time to understand the systems I work on and the systems underlying them. I deeply care about understanding why incidents happen, when they happen, so that we can build better, reliable systems moving forward. And when developing + operating software, I like to believe in what I once heard - “No Black Boxes!”.


I also host a podcast, Software Misadventures, with two of my very good friends - Austin and Guang. On this podcast we speak with software and devops experts to hear their stories from the trenches about how software breaks in production and how to grow as technical leaders. You can check out the latest episodes here.

About This Blog

This blog is about:

  • things that I find interesting
  • things that I am learning and would like to share
  • things for me to refer back to

Some of my previous blog posts can be found on Medium.

Getting In Touch

If you would like to talk about anything on this blog or just say hi, you can find me at @RonakNathani on Twitter or send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!


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